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10 Promotional Message Examples for Your Tire Shop

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Posted by BayIQ on November 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

Independent tire shop owners know the importance of effective communication in driving sales and customer loyalty. With the right promotional messages, you can attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. In this blog post, we'll share ten promotional message examples - five for emails and five for texts - to model to boost your tire shop's business.

As a reminder, use these examples for inspiration. It is not a best practice to copy these messages verbatim. You will see the best results when you tailor these promotional message examples to your shop's unique brand voice and service offerings. 

Identifying Your Brand's Voice

A key aspect of creating effective promotional messages is aligning them with your brand's unique voice. Your brand voice reflects your shop's personality and values and should consistently resonate through all your communications. Here's how to identify and refine your brand's voice:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Knowing who your customers are is the first step in developing your brand voice. Are they price-conscious families, high-end sports car enthusiasts, or local businesses with fleets? Understanding your audience will guide the tone and style of your messaging.
  2. Reflect Your Values and Personality: What does your tire shop stand for? Reliability, speed, affordability, expert service? Your brand voice should mirror these values. For instance, a shop priding itself on family-friendly service might adopt a warm, welcoming tone. A high-performance tire dealer could opt for a more dynamic, professional voice.
  3. Analyze Your Current Communication: Look at your existing emails, texts, social media posts, and other customer communications. What tone do they convey? Is it consistent? If not, think about how you can make your messages more uniform in tone.
  4. Seek Inspiration but Be Authentic: It's okay to look at how other successful tire shops communicate, but it's important to remain authentic to your brand. Your customers will appreciate and respond better to a voice that's genuine to your shop's character.
  5. Test and Get Feedback: Try different tones and styles in your communications and monitor how your customers respond. Customer feedback, either direct or through engagement metrics, will indicate what works best for your audience.
  6. Stay Flexible and Evolve: As your business grows and the market changes, your audience, and their preferences will also change. Be prepared to adapt your brand voice as needed while staying true to your core values.

By identifying and consistently using your brand's voice, you can tailor the provided promotional message examples to suit your tire shop's unique personality better. This alignment enhances your communications' effectiveness and strengthens your brand identity in the market.

Email Promotion Examples

  1. Buy Three, Get One Free Tire Deal
    Subject Line: Exclusive Offer: Buy 3 Tires, Get the 4th Free!
    Dear [Customer Name],
    Get ready to hit the road with confidence! For a limited time, purchase three tires from us and receive the fourth tire absolutely free. This exclusive offer is our way of saying thank you for choosing [Tire Shop Name]. Hurry, this deal won't last long!
  2. Free Tire Rotation with Additional Service Purchase
    Subject Line: Enhance Your Drive: Free Tire Rotation with Your Next Service!
    Dear [Customer Name], We're excited to offer you a free tire rotation when you book any additional service with us. Regular tire rotations are crucial to ensuring your vehicle's performance and safety. Schedule your service today and experience the difference!
  3. Discount on Wipers with Snow Tires Purchase
    Subject Line: Winter Special: 20% Off Wipers with Snow Tire Purchase!
    Dear [Customer Name], Prepare for winter roads! Enjoy a 20% discount on new wipers when you purchase snow tires from us. Offer valid through [date]. Drive safe and stay clear with [Tire Shop Name].
  4. Loyalty Program Enrollment Invitation
    Subject Line: Join Our Loyalty Program and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits!
    Dear [Customer Name], We value your loyalty! We're inviting you to join our exclusive Loyalty Program. As a member, you'll enjoy special discounts, early access to sales, and more. Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits!
  5. Birthday Special Offer
    Subject Line: Happy Birthday [Customer Name]! Enjoy a Special Gift from Us!
    Dear [Customer Name], It's your special day! As our valued customer, we're offering you [specific offer] as a birthday gift. Redeem this offer anytime during your birthday month. Cheers to many more miles together!

Text Message Promotion Examples

  1. Free Tire Rotation with Alignment Purchase
    Hey [Customer Name], great news! Get a FREE tire rotation when you book a wheel alignment with us this month. Keep your ride smooth and safe. Book now: [Link/Phone Number]
  2. Reminder for Seasonal Tire Change
    Hi [Customer Name], it's time to switch to winter tires! Stay safe on those snowy roads. Call us at [Phone Number] to schedule your change.
  3. Exclusive Discount for Repeat Customers
    Thank you for choosing [Tire Shop Name], [Customer Name]! As a repeat customer, enjoy 10% off your next tire purchase. Offer ends [date].
  4. Flash Sale Alert
    Flash Sale Alert! For the next 48 hours, get 15% off all tire services at [Tire Shop Name]. Don't miss out – book your appointment now at [Link/Phone Number].
  5. Service Reminder
    Hi [Customer Name], it's time for your regular tire check-up to ensure your safety on the road. Schedule your appointment with us today. Stay safe, stay efficient!


Effective promotional messages are a key element in the marketing strategy of any tire shop. They not only inform customers about current deals and services but also help in building long-term relationships. Use these email and text promotional message examples as a starting point to create your own tailored communications and watch your customer engagement and sales grow. 

Looking for a marketing partner to accelerate your tire shop's growth? Contact BayIQ to learn more about BayIQ's loyalty and email and text marketing programs. 


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