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3 Ways Automotive Repair Marketing Really Works

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Posted by BayIQ on October 22, 2018 | 0 Comments


Are you doubting whether or not you will see the benefits of your marketing efforts? When it comes to automotive repair marketing, the results can often seem intangible. This, of course, is frustrating if you are looking at your revenue streams and hoping to see a dramatic, instantaneous difference. However, over time, marketing is essential to the growth and success of your auto repair shop. Here are three intangible ways that automotive repair marketing will help improve your business.

3 Ways Your Marketing Strategy is Working Behind the Scenes

One: Good marketing raises awareness

An instantly identifiable brand or logo automatically conveys a host of attributes for your repair shop. When you put your marketing efforts into building awareness, it is more likely that people in the early and mid-stages of their purchase decision will consider your shop for their next automotive-related need. Of course, measuring whether or not a potential customer knows that you exist is near impossible, so there is a level of implicit trust in your awareness marketing efforts. Being smart about where you place your ad spots and looking for the best ways to reach your potential customers can help make sure that the right people know about your automotive shop.

Two: Builds trust and authenticity

Marketing works best when it’s real and true to your auto shop. Build a campaign that shows who you are as a brand, how you operate your shop, and what customers can expect from doing business with you. If a campaign is well executed, the results should be made up exactly of who your shop is targeting: an engaged audience who are primed to become loyal, committed customers. Of course, building this trust starts with marketing, but it doesn’t end there. Ensuring that your customers have their needs met when they come in to your shop is crucial to creating an authentic relationship that will benefit your shop for years to come.

Three: Establishes Your Shop as a Thought Leader and Increases Respect

One of the ways automotive repair marketing benefits your shop (even when you don’t see it immediately in the form of revenue) is by establishing your shop as an industry leader. In a world flooded with conflicting ideas and advice, customers are searching for people that they can trust. Good automotive repair marketing will build your brand as an authority figure they can go to for their questions and automotive needs. As a result, you will likely find that it becomes easier to convert leads into sales in the future.


Marketing often gets overlooked in the automotive repair industry because shop owners grow frustrated when they don’t see the immediate fruits of their labor. The truth is that marketing is a long game, and works best with patience and understanding. The effort that goes into various elements of digital content, and even traditional marketing have the most results over time. If you’re aiming to keep your shop around for the long-haul, investing in your marketing, and having a concept of its long term impact is the way to go.

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