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4 Reasons It's Important To Have All Your Marketing Efforts In One Place

Posted by BayIQ on October 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Whether you’re opening a new auto shop or feel the need to revamp your current marketing strategy, it can feel overwhelming deciding which approach is best when trying to build your customer base. Moreover, when you do decide on a strategy, do you have the time or manpower to manage it daily? 

Here, we’ll explain why it’s important to have your marketing efforts in one place and how to do it. 

1. Consistent Branding 

Branding your auto repair shop means ensuring that the same message is conveyed across different platforms and marketing channels to the consumer. Studies show that consistent branding increases sales 33% and consumers make these purchase decisions based on trust and authenticity. 

By utilizing a platform that houses all your marketing efforts, like BayIQ, you’ll be alleviated from the task of ensuring the branding is the same across the board. From SMS text to email marketing to a built-in loyalty program, each channel is linked to each other. By housing everyone under one umbrella you can easily build your brand identity and know it’s consistent.

2. Improve the Customer Experience 

According to Hubspot, the customer experience is the impression your customers have of your brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buyer's journey–from the first time they see your Facebook post to the moment they leave your shop and after. Much like with branding, consistency is key. Every customer should experience the same level of excellent service. Every customer should receive a thank you email or text. Every customer should be asked to join your loyalty program. 

Keeping your marketing efforts consistent not only helps build trust in your brand, but also helps ensure your benchmarks and goals can be tracked. How can you properly measure the success of your loyalty program, for example, if not every customer has been asked to join? 

3. Save Time 

Let’s be honest, marketing takes time. A lot of time. That’s why you see big corporations with an entire department dedicated to it. Don’t have a multi-million dollar budget that can be allocated purely to a marketing team? That’s why streamlining your efforts is a great alternative. 

By having each component linked to the others like email marketing, SMS text, the solicitation of reviews, etc you’re able to set up and schedule tasks to happen automatically. 

With marketing platforms like BayIQ, for example, rather than sending an individual thank you email to every customer that makes a purchase from your shop, the system will send it for you and also solicit a review and automatically post it to social media. Not only does this keep every customer’s journey consistent, but it saves you hours of time to focus on managing your shop. 

4. More Efficiency 

When running a business, efficient work practices are key–the more processes that can be streamlined the more time you have to focus on managing and growing your shop. That’s why the most cost-effective move you can make is investing in a platform that offers multiple marketing components all in one place. 

As experts in the auto repair industry, BayIQ is constantly looking at ways to improve customer service and address the marketing needs of auto repair businesses around the country. They offer numerous marketing tools that are automated, customizable, and all on one platform, so that you are constantly receiving a bigger bang for your buck.

With consistency surrounding email and text marketing, a loyalty program, appointment scheduler, solicitation of online reviews, automated reports, and more you can rest assured your marketing efforts will continue even when you don’t have the time.