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4 Strategic Auto Repair Shop Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Tips
Posted by BayIQ on November 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Marketing is at the heart of any shop’s success. Cutting through the noise of big chains can be difficult, especially when they have large advertising budgets and offer pricing at a lower cost. That’s why it’s important to utilize the following auto repair shop marketing tips to help drive sales.

Text Your Customers

Move into the modern world with modern marketing. Make sure to utilize the power of the SMS as texting your customers gives you direct access to them. In fact, studies show that 98% of text messages are opened and 95% of texts are replied to within 3 minutes.

Not only do texts have a far higher open rate than other forms of communication like email marketing, which stands at 20%, in addition, upwards of 75% of customers desire offers and sales updates via text.

Here are a couple of pointers to ensure that you’re leveraging the power of text message marketing:

  • Determine your target audiences- The most effective SMS marketing is highly tailored to certain groups within your broader customer base. American adults aged 18-34 send more than three times as many messages per day as those aged 45+, meaning your text messages may be more effective if they target a primarily younger demographic.
  • Focus on the bigger picture- Don’t forget that text message marketing is just one slice of an entire pie. It’s important that it works within your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you are offering holiday promotions, use SMS to help advertise and remind your customers about them. Or, utilize SMS marketing to reach out to current customers to remind them of appointments.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. Tried and true methods such as a good ol’ promotional offer can be enough to entice customers to visit your shop. Make it one they can’t refuse. Here are a couple of strategies you might consider:

  • Make it top-priority- Try using unique deals or flash sales to create a sense of urgency for the customer, which is reflected in the language of both your SMS and email marketing. Limited time offers are a proven method in affecting customer behavior, with companies experiencing a 16% increase in sales rates when using urgency in the title of a marketing email.
  • Look to the past- Was there a particular sale you offered last year that customers crazed over? Don’t be afraid to offer past deals that were a hit, such as discounts on oil changes or buy 3 get one free deal. It could become a memorable tradition that customers look forward to each year.

Make Their Life Easier

Marketing is more than just the sale. It’s about the experience. And the more customers enjoy working with your shop, the more likely they’ll return. A big part of that is taking care of things so they don’t have to, such as:

  • Using your database to alert customers that they’ll soon need an oil change, tire rotation and other service reminders.
  • Remind customers of their upcoming appointments through multiple avenues; text message, email, and even a phone call.
  • Offer the ‘inside scoop’ to your client base first about promotional sales or discounts then keep them updated about when it’s about to expire.
  • Reward them for choosing your shop. This can be easily carried out with a loyalty rewards program where customers earn points for extra savings.

Market, Then Market Again

Unfortunately, the one and done approach is not a viable way to conduct your marketing strategy. Meaning, the text campaign you initiated or the direct mailer you sent, while a great start, simply isn’t going to be enough to get the brand recognition you need for a potential customer to take a chance on your shop. Instead, you must implement a holistic strategy that utilizes multiple avenues to reach customers.

The Marketing Rule of 7 was a concept created years ago that still stands true. Essentially, it means that a prospective customer needs to hear or see your product 7 times before they might make an appointment or buy from you. That’s why you should market to your audience consistently, through many different outlets.

Create an All-In-One Approach

Marketing isn’t always easy, especially when utilizing several different ways to reach people. That’s why you should consider using a service that takes care of it for you.

BayIQ is a comprehensive marketing platform specifically designed for auto repair shops. Their features include:

  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Email and text message marketing features for reminders, email blasts, and more
  • Review invites that push to Facebook and Google

Partner up with BayIQ to make marketing simple for you and your team.


Start Reaching More Customers

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