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5 Tire Shop Business Card Designs That'll Make You Stand Out

Posted by BayIQ on September 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

A tire shop business card’s first job is to provide an easily-accessible way to spread your contact details among clients and business partners. When it comes to value, generic business cards are a thing of the past. The last thing you want is an easily forgettable business card that will just get stashed away. Keep reading to make sure your auto shop business cards are memorable to everyone you give them to.

What Goes On an Auto Repair Business Card?

Before we let our creativity out for a stroll, let’s go over the basic necessities. It’s very important to ensure that all vital data is accurate; a single typo in your phone number or email address can mean countless lost leads.

Business cards usually include the following information:

  • Company name and logo
  • Your name and position (so they know who to ask for when calling)
  • Business address or location
  • Your business email address and phone numbers
  • Your website

Before you contact your local printer, make sure to write down all the information and proof it a couple of times. Save it in your email in case you need to send it out quickly after deciding on your final design.

A Few Designs to Inspire You

With the basics down, you may be wondering what a nicely designed, professional auto shop business card looks like. The final color pattern and design you choose will depend on the type of image you are trying to project, but here are five examples we like that highlight different qualities. Use them as a starting point to create something truly unique!

1. Rugged and Straightforward



Textured paper and a retro font are used here to create a business card that doesn’t risk being lost in a wallet or card organizer. Recycled paper is thicker, environmentally-friendly, and a bit more expensive than standard paper. However, it works amazingly well for a repair shop business card. It immediately reminds us of classic engines from the Greaser era, which were equally resilient, powerful, and elegant. Better yet, it accomplishes this without the need for complex logos or slogans; it says everything without the need for words.

2. Edgy and Modern



Vibrant colors and neat edges speak of deep admiration for new technologies and an eagerness to innovate. By using bright letters on a dark background, this card will stand out and allow for key information to be clearly visible. If you play your cards right, you can coordinate the font color with the one used on your other advertising materials and even your auto repair shop building. This will further solidify your identity and brand.

3. Durable and Informative



A mechanic’s world is usually a fast-paced and physical one. For those of us who are in close proximity to oil stains and heavy tools on a daily basis, it makes sense to go for an extra durable, thicker business card.

The materials may be a bit more expensive than average, but the resulting durability will eventually pay for itself. The bright color palette adds a fun and youthful vibe. This design also offers you the opportunity to include more info in a neat and legible way. This is ideal if you need your tire shop business cards to display additional information like; hours of operation. Alternatively, you can replace the large logo on the back for a small map with your location.

4. Creative and Interesting



A business card can provide a great opportunity to showcase the way we see our own profession. This geometric design highlights the precision-based and highly-engineered side of the auto business. It’s hard not to be intrigued by the guitar chords suggested here. You can take advantage of the same concept, but adapt it to your own niche. Replace it with stylized blueprints or schematics showing your favorite car model, or hint at an infographic that displays an assortment of wrenches and hammers.

5. Minimalistic and Simple



If you are already invested in a special logo, and it is proudly displayed on your shop and stationary alike, then it makes sense for your business cards to follow the same theme. Just because you are bringing your logo or mascot to the star-billing position doesn’t mean you need to make the rest of the card boring, however, a bold or unusual color combination can still provide you with an eye-catching business card. Keep the information on the back simple and let the car ride itself.

A set of professional-looking auto shop business cards are a great way to develop your brand and imprint yourself in a client’s mind. If you are looking for more ways to advertise your business and gain new clients, check out BayIQ.

BayIQ is an automated marketing software customized for the tire and automotive repair industry. It helps to streamline your marketing needs. You can easily e-mail, text, or send mail to clients for manufacturer promotions, service reminders, and even reviews. Use the platform to create targeted lists to gain more customers. BayIQ allows you to increase car count and average spend by building customer loyalty.

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