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Auto Repair Shop Management Software That Will Change How You Do Business

auto repair shop management software
Posted by BayIQ on July 26, 2018 | 0 Comments


In the digital world we live in, we rely on software and digital innovations to help us run our lives and our businesses. The best software will help you manage your product database and track your customer information, ensuring that your day-to-day business runs as efficiently as possible. But if you aren’t sure which auto repair shop management software will help you run a better, more efficient business, then this is a great place to start. Here is the auto repair shop management software you need to integrate today.

The Only Auto Repair Shop Management Software You Need in Your Toolkit


BAYiQ is the leading marketing and consumer loyalty program in the auto repair industry. Our easy-to-use platform integrates beautifully with your shop and boasts many features that both your team and your customers will love, including:

  • Scalability--so we work for you whether you have one shop or 5,000
  • A fully developed API
  • Rewards program management
  • Intuitive referral program
  • Market segmentation
  • Social media integration


Other integration features include:

  • Cloud based
  • Permission based
  • POS/CRM Integration
  • Enterprise-level reporting


If you're still on the fence, we offer a demo! Schedule a demo with us today and see how we can transform your auto shop into a more efficient business you can run with ease.

BAYiQ is a marketing and loyalty platform that integrates with your existing system. Check out all of the platforms we can integrate with seamlessly by clicking here.

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