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How to Make the Most of Your Auto Repair Software in 2019

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Posted by BayIQ on February 13, 2019 | 0 Comments


Whether you have one shop or 20, 100 customers or 5,000, there's no doubt that an effective auto repair software can improve your bottom line. Software for your auto shop and tire business can vastly improve the way that you do business.

Software can make your shop run more efficiently, smoothly, and profitably by providing you with access to tons of benefits that will really make a difference in the way customers view your shop.

However, just having auto repair software isn’t enough.

You need to know how to make the most of the software you’ve purchased, otherwise you won’t be reaping the full benefits of the system. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Make the Most of Your Auto Repair Software in 2019

First, you need to make sure you’re choosing a software that offers all of the features you need so you can start seeing results immediately.

Your auto repair software program should offer the following features:

  • Mobile platform

  • Fully automated

  • Rebate center

  • Real-time analytics

  • Fully customizable for your shop

  • Benchmark KPI’s so you can track performance

While these features are certainly crucial to ensuring that you can make your auto repair software work for you, there’s more that you need to consider in order to truly maximize the value of your program.

Any auto repair software that you use must be able to integrate with your shop’s current system.

Here are the types of integrations your software should offer:

  • Fully developed API

  • POS/CRM integration

  • Cloud based

  • Permission based

  • Enterprise-level reporting

  • Scalable to 5,000+ shop locations

Keep this pro tip in mind: an auto repair software is useless if it doesn’t integrate with your current system or offer ways to better connect with your customer-base.

In addition to helping you track your shop’s performance over time, your software should also allow you to make an immediate impact in the lives of your consumers. By this, we mean that your software should help you to provide a quality, automated loyalty rewards program for your customers.

If you’re using an auto repair software like BAYiQ, then you have access to all of the features and integrations listed above, plus an incredibly effective customer retention, loyalty and rewards program.

Here are the consumer-focused features that your shop should take advantage of in order to better connect with your customer-base and see immense growth over time.

Use These BAYiQ Consumer Features to See Real Results

BAYiQ software offers:

  1. Consumer rewards program

  2. Easy-to-use customer portal

  3. Full circle communications (email, texting, direct mail capabilities)

  4. Manufacturer direct promotions

  5. An excellent Referral program

  6. Reputation management capabilities for your shop

We’ve also recently rolled out our Direct Mail program which allows you to easily send promotional and reminder postcards to your customer-base.

This proven method maximizes the marketing and advertising dollars you spent on your auto repair software and actually delivers results!

Getting email addresses for your customers can be a challenging task. Most shops only have valid email addresses for a fraction of their customer database.

Postcards, along with our email and texting, allow you to reach 100% of your customers with important messages that successfully drive them back into your service bays.

Direct mail postcards have a place in your overall marketing plan because they can reach everyone, and with BAYiQ they’re affordable, too.

We’ll help you select the cards, messages and offers to make the postcards work best for your business. The BAYiQ platform will automatically determine who should receive a postcard, and produce it just in time for each of your customers. (Click to learn more here.)

Our BAYiQ platform offers all of these features, integrations, marketing capabilities, plus so much more. If you really want an auto repair software that allows you to maximize its value and deliver real, profitable results, then you should try BAYiQ.

You deserve to reap the rewards of money well spent in 2019. Schedule a demo of BAYiQ and watch your customer-base steadily expand in the new year.

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