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BAYiQ and TCS Announce Full Integration for TireWorks HD

Posted by BayIQ on October 6, 2017 | 0 Comments
BAYiQ Announces Partnership with TCS TireWorks HD
Partnership to provide integrated Loyalty Program Services with TireWorks HD Software
October 6, 2017 | Mesa, AZ  – BAYiQ, an Intelligent Customer Retention & Marketing Platform and TCS, the developer of TireWorks HD, a leading Shop Management System software for auto and tire service dealers, announced the full integration of the BAYiQ platform within TireWorks HD allowing users to easily implement BAYiQ’s fully automated cloud based rewards, marketing, and data platform. 
BAYiQ offers a cloud-based and fully automated rewards program that will enable TCS dealers to easily enroll customers as reward members within their TireWorks HD shop management system. 
Once a customer is signed up, BAYiQ automatically starts managing the dealer’s customer database, making sure the customer comes back to the dealer time and time again. Customers earn points for every purchase which can be redeemed for dealership rewards certificates or donated to dealer-selected charities.
"We're excited at BAYiQ to add TireWorks HD to our growing list of integrations. We're ready to help TireWorks HD dealers with an end-to-end acquisition and retention program that is proven to increase revenue," said Patrick Murphy, founder of BAYiQ.
Utilizing a mix of text messaging, emails and physical gift cards, dealers have multiple avenues to improve customer spend and market to new customers.
“The BayIQ integration is a nice addition to TireWorks HD and adds yet another opportunity for dealers to acquire new customers and capitalize on their current customers base. We look forward to working with BayIQ and continuing to grow together to bring best in class solutions to the tire industry,” said Jeff, Director for TCS.
In addition to dynamic customer and dealer portals with analytics and ROI data, BAYiQ features a traffic-building customer referral program as well as the ability to create co-branded rewards cards with the dealer’s local groups, clubs and businesses. 
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About BAYiQ
BAYiQ is an Intelligent Rewards and Marketing Platform specifically designed for the independent tire and auto service dealer. As a fully integrated and cloud-based product, it allows dealers to easily and seamlessly sign up loyalty customers through their Shop Management System. The program also helps dealer’s new customer acquisition strategy via web, social media and remote sign-ups with their smart device and third-party web pages. 
About TCS
TCS develops and supports an innovative suite of point of sale and business management software, eCommerce websites, digital marketing services and data-as-a-service products designed exclusively for dealers, wholesalers, retreaders and manufacturers within the automotive repair, tire and wheel verticals. TCS is the industry's only complete technology provider, and their platform outperforms the competition through its own seamless integration and superior functionality. For more than 20 years, TCS has provided the best customer support in the industry, giving them the tools to build stronger, more loyal customers and ultimately a strong ROI.