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How BAYiQ Founder Patrick Murphy Got His Start in the Tire Industry

bayiq founder patrick murphy
Posted by BayIQ on February 28, 2019 | 0 Comments


Patrick Murphy started BAYiQ with one goal in mind: to help tire dealers run a successful business. And he succeeded. He created a software platform that assists tire dealers by helping them to easily:

  • Increase car count

  • Drive repair order values up

  • Find new customers

  • Retain current customers

But the question isn’t whether or not the platform works well for thousands of tire shops (it does). The question is, “why”?

Who is Patrick Murphy and why does he care about the success of your tire shop?

Early Beginnings: How BAYiQ Founder Patrick Murphy Got His Start

Patrick isn’t out to make a quick buck. He’s not about fancy, over-the-top marketing schemes or gimmicks. He’s about backing something that actually works - because he’s actually been in your shoes.

Starting right out of college, Patrick Murphy began working in tire and service shops. His career began at Firestone where he worked behind the counter, dealing with customers, the grind of daily tasks, and more. When discussing his beginnings in the tire industry, and how it helped him to create BAYiQ, he said, “Working behind the counter...I really understand what these dealers go through!”

Soon, he began working his way up, managing a few shops, and then a few districts and then, ultimately, a few regions.

“So, from a corporate side,” Patrick said, “I really began to understand operations and how to really move the needle.”

So, why did Patrick Murphy create BAYiQ?

After his success on the corporate side, he shifted gears. He switched to the independent side (specifically with Big O) working with dealers up and down the west coast for Michelin T3, all the while gaining more and more valuable experience in the tire industry.

“One of the things that was really a challenge to me,” Patrick shared, “was that I never knew what was going on in the [physical] stores.”

He explained there were so many different kinds of technology tracking so much data that it was difficult for him to figure out how many customers a store was seeing on any given day. Not to mention, he couldn’t determine how many sales they had and many other key performance indicators that are so important for assessing a shop’s success.

To fix this, he initially started looking at point-of-sales technology within the industry, trying to find a solution that would help him bring all of this data together so he could truly understand the shop’s bottom line.

What he discovered was overwhelming.

He found hundreds of point-of-sale systems, not to mention all of the marketing systems shops would need, too. And the worst of it?

“Nothing works together,” Patrick laughed, “I mean, you’re talking about technology from the early 2000’s, and some even go back to the mid-90’s.”

He was frustrated, confused, and fed-up until finally… a light bulb when off.

Patrick Murphy decided to create his own solution to this mess. He created a way to bring all of the KPI’s and marketing needs together under one roof so that tire dealers could use systems that work together and see all of their most important information in one place.

And so, the BAYiQ platform was born.

BAYiQ is special because it’s made by, and for, tire industry professionals.

There are thousands of platforms out there, but BAYiQ has been thoughtfully created for, and by, tire dealers. When using an industry-specific platform, tire shops will find that their able to see the metrics they need to see and make changes to improve their shop’s bottom line, all in one place.

Backed by the years of tire industry experience of founder and president, Patrick Murphy, BAYiQ has the capabilities that tire dealers truly need, and none of the stuff they don’t.

As Patrick shared with us, “Using BAYiQ, tire dealers can actually get an ROI…they can finally see what’s working and what’s not working, in real time.”

Ready to learn more about how BAYiQ can help your shop? Schedule a demo and experience the features and benefits that BAYiQ could bring to your tire shop today.


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