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Case Study: How Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair Grew Their Business with BayIQ’s Loyalty Program

Case Study
Posted by BayIQ on June 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

“Our customer loyalty has increased significantly over time, and so have our sales”

Howard Fleischmann, CEO/Partner

Company Overview

With 6 locations all over the city of Phoenix, Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair provides a large range of auto repair services to their valued customers. Since 1945, they’ve offered a remarkably different auto service experience than the typical dealership or service station, with their customer’s being the foundation.


Prior to BayIQ Implementation

The Marketing Landscape

Since Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair has been in business for over 75 years, they are no stranger to traditional marketing methods. But before using BayIQ, they brought in new and repeat business through:

  • Physical coupons mailed directly to car owner’s homes
  • Word of mouth from current customers
  • A manually-tracked referral program offering movie tickets to referred business

The Challenges

While their traditional marketing methods did bring in customers from time-to-time, they continually experienced challenges in the management of these methods and creating a process to execute them in a more efficient way.

“We were constantly sending coupons and of course we were praying and hoping that a coupon would hit somebody’s door at exactly the right time that they needed tires, or an alignment or a flush. Not only was timing a huge issue, but we were also competing with everyone else. We also had a referral program that was completely unmanageable from the start, as everything was manually tracked.” - Howard Fleischmann, CEO/Partner


After BayIQ Implementation

The Solution

With the help of BayIQ’s Rewards Program, Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair has seen a significant increase in customer loyalty and sales over time. Their rewards customers come in more often and spend more when they do.

By the Numbers

After implementing BayIQ’s automated marketing software at all 6 of their locations, Community Tire Pros & Repair:

  • More than doubled their average visits per year from 1.2 visits to 2.61 visits
  • Increased their average RO from $258 to $303, resulting in $348 value per customer per year to $787 value per customer per year
  • Successfully enrolled 80% of their customers in their Rewards Program

“BayIQ’s Rewards Program has been extremely important for Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair. It’s improved our business. It’s improved our customer loyalty. And it’s improved our per ticket average. A lot of dealers have punch cards, but people don’t want to carry that stuff anymore!”

- Howard Fleischmann, CEO/Partner


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