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How to Create Effective Auto Repair Advertising Signs

Posted by BayIQ on September 30, 2019 | 0 Comments
The internet and the availability of online review sites have been deemed game-changers when it comes to getting new clients through your door. While digital marketing tactics may drive a significant amount of business, there are traditional marketing tactics you should keep in mind when building your business and establishing your brand.

In fact, studies show that although over 50% of potential new customers will find you through the internet or social media, most will be quick to move onto the next item of their shortlist if they spot any inconsistencies between your contact information and your actual storefront. This means that curb appeal is more important than ever – especially in the auto repair business, where most clients will naturally drive to your location. Proper signage can help unify your brand across all the different media forms.

So, how do you ensure your automotive repair sign is effective and attractive? Try any of the tips listed below.

Catch Their Eyes with Bold Designs

Between the various methods of signage, including physical and mobile, the goal is to make it notable enough so your business is unforgettable. Chances are, when somebody initially sees your signage, it won’t be when they need your services. So when making good signage for your business, you’ll want to make it as memorable as possible. That way, when customers are in need of your service, it’s your company they recall.

One thing that should always be a part of your signage is your auto repair shop logo. You’ll probably want to do something more than just a standard Helvetica type font and no image. There is nothing less memorable than something that isn’t memorable at all.

As for the sign itself, stick to the same premise: deviate from the norm a little bit. Most tire and repair companies stick to the basic color palette of red, blue, and black/grey. If you want your signs to stand out, try something creative with your use of color.

With the design, keep it within the limits of your brand. Try something rugged, but modern. Additionally, you should keep your slogan short, catchy and easily noted and stay away from a sign that is too heavy on the word count.

For more guidance on design, check out some of these auto repair shop advertisements tips.

Consider Visibility and Readability

One thing to keep in mind is that your customer is most likely driving a lot - which is why they’d be visiting your shop. So it only makes sense that your sign can be visible while driving, right?

So consider the perspective of people driving past your building each day when deciding where to place your sign. We’ve seen (or not) many shop owners proudly place their signs high up on their buildings only to have the direct line of site blocked by a tree or another builder. Conversely, there are a lot of ground or monument signs that are blocked by bushes, power poles, and even street parking. For new construction with new foliage, consider what might be blocking your sign 5 and 10 years down the road.

You’ll also want to use big and bold fonts so the text on your sign isn’t too hard to read from a distance. Keeping the actual text on your signs short is also smart. Think digestible, four or five-word slogans that get the point across quickly.

Diversify Your Methods

Once you have your boldly designed automotive repair sign (that’s clearly visible and readable from the street) nailed down, it’s time to think about alternative signage methods.

If you are hidden away on a side street or in a business community with a shared lot, consider purchasing a mobile sign on a nearby busy intersection. You can even turn your own car into a mobile ad by buying a car decal; it is relatively inexpensive and effective.

You can also consider placing your logo on items like refrigerator magnets, note pads, stickers, and pens and having those out for grabs at your shop. Little things that you can give out to help spread word-of-mouth marketing. If you are partnering with any other local business as part of your loyalty program, get one of your decals on their front window as well.

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