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Feature Release: Reviews InBox

Posted by BayIQ on January 24, 2018 | 0 Comments


Struggling to get and manage your online reviews? BAYiQ's new review tool is coming in the next few days and will make your life easier.


We have been hard at work creating our brand new, powerful, and intuitive review tool! By consolidating the most important review management tools into one location, you can now easily monitor ratings, respond to complaints, and get your best reviews to the most pertinent review platforms. 
The Best News? This new tool is available with most BAYiQ packages for no additional charge!

BAYiQ Review Tool Announcement.png

Your Best Reviews Where They Matter Most

With our review tool, you can now push your best reviews to your Google Business Page, Social Media Pages, or even Yelp*! At the click of a button, showcase your happiest testimonials on the most trafficked pages of the web.


BAYiQ Review Tool Announcement Second Header.png

Stop Bad Reviews Before They're Shared

Unlike other review services, we DO NOT pass unhappy customers to your Google Business Page or social media pages. Instead, a member of your team is alerted of any poor customer ratings, giving you a chance to contact the customer and resolve any issues before they decide to post their low rating for all to see.

*Yelp and Facebook coming soon



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