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3 Features Your Auto Shop Management Software Needs

3 Features Your Auto Shop Management Software Needs
Posted by BayIQ on April 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Every shop owner knows how essential auto shop management software is to the success of the business. The good news is there are a multitude of options available in the market, each with their own bells and whistles. However, you need to find one that is customizable and suited your needs.

Here are 3 essential features to look for when selecting your shop management software:

1. Integrated Marketing Capabilities

One of the first features you should look for when choosing auto shop management software is its integrated marketing capabilities. Choosing software that can integrate with your existing marketing platform or has built-in marketing functionality can make a world of a difference for your shop. For example, not having to manage multiple different platforms for emails, rewards programs, and other marketing efforts will help you streamline your process.

Not to mention, deploying shop software with built-in marketing features can give you a competitive edge over others in the market and help to bring more business in your doors.

Utilizing shop software that has marketing functionality comes with many benefits, including: 

  • Creating a cost-effective way to market your business
  • Building trust with your targeted audience by positioning you as an expert
  • Giving you access to high-quality, fluid data in real-time for analysis and adapts to what resonates with customers to increase ROI
  • Preventing duplication of data and limit discrepancies caused by multiple platforms 

Easily Integrate BayIQ’s Automated Marketing Platform with Your Software

BayIQ is a leading automated marketing and rewards platform designed specifically for the automotive industry, and it can easily integrate with your existing shop management software. With BayIQ integrated with your shop management software, you can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of managing your marketing efforts all from one place! 

BayIQ can integrate with a variety of shop management platforms, such as:

  • TCS Tire Power
  • TCS Tire Works HD
  • TireShop by Freedom Soft
  • VAST Retail by MAM Software
  • Protractor
  • Mitchell Enterprise
  • Tire Guru
  • ASA Tire Master
  • Andreoli Software
  • And many more..

BayIQ’s marketing software allows you to easily set up and maintain a loyalty rewards program, optimize your email and text message outreach, schedule appointments, encourage online reviews and so much more. 

2. Web-based Functionality

These days, everything is online. According to The Guardian, the average adult spends three hours on their smartphones, making it imperative to be accessible on-the-go. Having web-based functionality provides your auto shop with access to your shop management software and all its data remotely. It also enables your customers to access your website for services, book appointments, compare prices, search for spare parts, etc. 

On a more strategic front, not having web-based functionality means you are limited to only accessing data when you are in the shop which can lead to tedious back-and-forth to ensure data is correctly recorded. This process can require manual backups with an extended duration of time, posing a roadblock to your business operations, costing you time and money. 

3. Built-In Labor Guide

In addition to marketing capabilities and web-based functionality, having shop software that has a built-in labor guide can also be beneficial. Instead of having to rely on books or separate labor guide software, you can centralize everything in one place and produce more accurate results. Plus, it works as a knowledge-based platform for your employees to refer back to. 

For example, TCS has a built-in labor guide that allows your employees to get the latest information on labor times, OEM part prices, and more so they can easily perform their duties. Not only can you efficiently train new staff on the go, but it can also work as an excellent tool to refresh your employees’ knowledge about business operations, services, and their responsibilities. 

Choose the Right Software for Your Shop

Auto shop management software with these three critical features can exponentially boost the performance and ROI of your business. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your shop management software can work hand-in-hand with your marketing efforts. Consider software that integrates with BayIQ to take advantage of all the automated marketing features that can increase car count and average repair order, like loyalty rewards, email and text marketing, and more!


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