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Grow Your Business by Valuing Your Employees

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Posted by BayIQ on January 18, 2018 | 0 Comments


Do you want your auto shop to be successful? Do want to grow your business, increase shop locations and significantly impact revenue?


The answer is simple: value your employees.


Set your employees up for success by fostering an environment where they feel valued and a part of your company culture.


Here’s the thing: turnover costs money, time and headache, and will not grow your business. If your employees aren’t feeling valued, you can bet that they’ll seek out another auto shop to work for.

Show Employees They’re Valuable Grow Your Business

When someone feels important and appreciated, the more likely they will feel an increased sense of fulfillment and happiness - and ultimately plan a long-term career with your shop.


And guess what? A happy employee is an engaged and productive employee. In a study from the University of Warwick, it was discovered that there was a 12% spike in productivity from happy employees, while unhappy workers were 10% less productive. An employee who excels and is passionate in their position is loyal and will contribute positively to your auto shop’s financial goals. This engagement will ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What are your employees saying about you and your shop?

Have you ever been asked what you do for a living? Sure, you have. It happens all the time. Your employees are often asked the same exact question. What do you think their response is? Do they have good or bad things to say about their place of work? Is it a vent session, or do they sing your shop’s praises?

As humans, we want to know we're having an impact

Try to remember the last time you felt appreciated—truly valued. Maybe someone told you what an awesome job you were doing. Or really understood just how many hours you put in each week. It feels good, right?


That same feeling of value needs to be expressed to your employees. Praise them for doing a killer job at work. Show them some recognition. Positive reinforcement sets an example for everybody on your team and the kind of work you value most.


Here are 3 quick tips to make sure your employees feel valued:

  • Be Quick to Praise - It’s important to recognize your employees for a job well done. Don’t do this trivially though, be sincere and specific. Think of examples of things they’ve done that you can give positive feedback on that they know is authentic and they can take to heart.

  • Be Personable - don’t view your employees as drones. Get to know them. Know their kids’ names. How was their trip to Mexico? How did they like that concert they’ve been talking about for months? When you’re personable and likeable, your employees are happier and will do their best for the benefit of the business.

  • Share Your Vision - let every team member in on your plans for your auto shop, what you value and your goals so they can be your advocate. Two Men and a Truck is a business that does a great job of instilling its core values to encourage their employees to live them out at work and in their daily lives.


Employees who believe that management values them are more satisfied. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to boosting your bottom line. Boom.


Each month BAYiQ nominates one exceptional business for their exemplary shop management, exceptional customer service, and impressive implementation of BAYiQ. Direct Tire & Auto Service is a great example of a business who values their employees. They’ve grown from 5 to 65 employees and expanded from one store to five. Read more about this month’s spotlight shop here.


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