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The Most Helpful Car Mechanics Magazines

car mechanics magazine
Posted by BayIQ on September 11, 2018 | 0 Comments


There is a treasure trove of car mechanics magazines out there, all providing excellent information about this fast-paced industry. They provide tips and tricks for the budding car enthusiast and automobile professional, and insider secrets about the conquering a corner of the market for your shop. Here are our 4 favorite car mechanics magazines that you should be subscribing to.

4 Magazines Mechanics Love (And So Do We)

Hot Rod Magazine

You probably know Hot Rod as a car magazine targeted more for the car hobbyist than the professional mechanic or shop owner, but hear us out: this monthly magazine about hot rodding, drag racing, and muscle cars can provide great insights about the latest trends in consumer desires, especially when it comes to topics like car modification for performance and appearance.

Having been in the business since 1948, it’s also a car industry classic, and easy to find on most drug store magazine shelves. Plus, it’s just plain fun - and we believe that fun is crucial for maintaining enthusiasm and passion when you’re working in the auto world.

Road & Track

Another classic car mag for enthusiasts is Road & Track. R&T (as it is affectionately called by its long-time readership) is dedicated to everything car culture. They round up the best of the best from handy accessories to car seats, vintage bodies, and more. This monthly magazine always contains great product recommendations that mechanics can pass on to their customers, as well as great information that can be easily translated into useful info for everyday drivers about safety, parts, and more.

Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine is a crucial subscription for every professional in the auto industry. Their subjective, experiential reports of cars in real-world environments are unlike anything else provided by their competition. Whereas most magazines will dedicate a section of their print publication to technical data, Automobile does a great service for mechanics by allowing them to get a sense of how various cars drive and perform in the same kind of scenarios that their customer base is likely to experience. In doing so, a subscription to Automobile Magazine empowers industry professionals to provide better service to the folks who come to them for their expertise.


Another great magazine for keeping up with industry trends and reading performance reviews is Autoweek. This magazine is published twice a month out of the original American car haven: Detroit, Michigan. Autoweek focuses on new car reviews, vehicle trends, and automotive events, making it a truly great resource for hunting down professional networking and development opportunities without having to do much work. Originally aimed at racing enthusiasts, this publication has evolved far beyond the track and is now a must-have on the shelves of every automobile professional.

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