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Benefits of Using a Marketing Software in Your Shop to Engage with Customers

Posted by BayIQ on June 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Being an auto repair shop owner is by no means any easy feat. Especially when it comes to getting customers in the door for the first time. From the best of the best customer service to creative marketing techniques, you have to pull out all the stops. And that’s only the first step in building long-lasting, loyal relationships with your customers. 

To keep them coming back again and again, you have to consistently nurture those relationships by means of engagement. One of the best things you can do for your shop to keep your customers engaged is to invest in marketing software that’s specifically made for auto repair shops. The benefits are endless. 


Benefit #1: It’s Automated 

When you think about all the customers who have come through your shop doors, it’s most likely too many to count, right? Now, think about having to keep every single one of them engaged through a variety of different outlets after they leave your shop. That’s an entire job in itself, which is what makes marketing automation the creme de la creme for any business. 

If you’re not already familiar with what marketing automation is, it’s basically software that does the heavy-lifting for you by triggering marketing tasks automatically. So, instead of you manually sending out individual emails or text messages to each of your customers thanking them for their business, or asking them to leave reviews, automation does it for you! 

Just to give you an idea, here’s what utilizing automated marketing software, like BayIQ, can do for your auto repair shop:

  1. As soon as a customer completes a transaction, an email is automatically sent to them a day later asking how the service was and to leave an online review.
  2. Every year on your customer’s birthday, an automated birthday email is sent out to them sending your best wishes.
  3. Every month following your customer’s last visit, an email is sent to them reminding them of the repair services they declined and encourages them to come back in. 

All of these automated marketing initiatives are guaranteed to not only consistently keep your customers engaged, but makes your life so much easier.


Benefit #2: You Don’t Have to Get Technical

Everything is digital — and it can be intimidating and/or frustrating, especially if you’re not really one of those ‘techy’ type people. The thought of setting up and figuring out how to effectively use email and/or SMS text message marketing platforms may seem daunting. But, with over 90% of all small businesses using digital tools for communication purposes, you need to utilize things like marketing software to compete. 

The good news is that with auto repair marketing software, like BayIQ, you don’t have to endure any of the technicalities because it’s all automated! It really can be as easy as the click of a button. 

With marketing software, you can turn email and text marketing on to happen automatically or off if you want to send them manually. Customers can choose how they want to be contacted, but you’re able to set it and forget it. Essentially, you’ll get to experience the potential of more sales, higher retention, and happier customers from your engagement efforts without even needing the technical know-how. 

Benefit #3: Save Time 

Hands-down one of the biggest benefits you’ll see when you start utilizing automated marketing software is all the time it saves you. The sheer convenience of marketing automation is honestly just as good as all the business it’ll help you to retain. Marketing is time consuming, but it’s crucial to growing your auto repair shop business. Here are just a few examples of how you can save time with marketing software: 

  1. One Easy-to-Use Platform- Instead of juggling multiple softwares for different marketing initiatives (one for email, one for social media, one for reviews, etc.), it’s all in one simple place to manage.
  2. Accessible Analytics- When it’s time to analyze how your marketing efforts have performed (monthly, quarterly or yearly), you don’t have to manually collect data from different avenues. You can simply pull reports from your marketing software with one click.
  3. Automated Messaging- When you want to send any sort of appointment or scheduled service reminders out to your customers via call, text or email, you don’t have to do it manually, one-by-one. Just put it on autopilot by setting up the appropriate triggers in your software. 

Make Sure to Choose the Best Option for Your Shop

At the end of the day, marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and can reduce marketing overhead by 12.2%. Moral of the story? Invest in marketing software for your auto repair shop and make sure it has automation capabilities. While there are quite a few out there to choose from, you also want to ensure that the one you roll with was made specifically for the auto repair industry, like BayIQ. 

A little fun fact, BayIQ was created from auto repair shop experts just like yourself. So, they know the ins and outs of running an auto repair shop and know what challenges come with that. Which is exactly why the system was built with features aimed at getting customers back in more often and increasing average repair order (ARO). 

From a game-changing loyalty rewards program and automated email and text marketing to fully-embedded POS integrations, you can finally engage your customers like never before with the help of BayIQ. Request a demo for you and your team today!