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How to Advertise Your Tire Business and Drive More Sales

Posted by BayIQ on February 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dave Smith was excited to open his tire shop. After 20 years in automotive, it was a dream come true. He used his house as collateral to secure the loan through the bank, took his time choosing equipment that was efficient but affordable, and even secured a location 10% lower than what he was budgeted for.

Dave spent weeks preparing his new business, even bribing his family and friends with pizza and beer to help him paint. This was, afterall, a family affair to him. He imagined one day passing the shop down to his kids. Smith and Sons Tire Shop, they would call it. He imagined one of his first customers coming in for snow tires 40 years down the road, smiling at a picture of Dave on the wall before saying, “You know, I knew Dave. I was one of his first customers.” Dave smiled at this notion, feeling pride swell up inside him.

He knew it would be hard work and a lot of long hours. He’d get there well before the doors opened and not leave until after dark. He would learn the names of the employees at nearby restaurants because every meal would be eaten in his shop. He would roll his eyes when Jim called in sick for the 30th time and reveal to his sales associate that sometimes he wished he could call in sick. But, at the end of the day, when he locked up for the night and drove away, he felt accomplished. This was his shop. He’d done it.

What Dave didn’t know that night was that within two years Smith and Sons Tire Shop would be converted into a deli. And Dave would be working as a lead sales associate for one of his competitors. A sad story, but true as 50% of small businesses fold within 5 years.

Beating those odds is not an easy feat, but it’s possible. So what can you do to avoid becoming like Dave?

You can keep an open mind.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and consider different ideas that are foreign to you. Maybe direct mail has been your preferred way of advertising your services, but with capabilities that come with things like SMS text marketing, you can yield more direct communication with customers.

In fact, there is a 98% open rate for text messages with a response rate of 95% in just 3 minutes. This nearly guarantees that by utilizing SMS text marketing, you are immediately reaching your customers. And it can be easy. Marketing software companies, like BayIQ, completely automate the process allowing you to focus on the strategy portion rather than the technical details.

You can think outside the box.

Keep in mind, you’re likely competing with major corporations that have built a well-known brand over time. The challenge is to grab someone’s attention and convince them to try your tire business instead. It may take some creative thinking to make head’s turn. For example:
Partner with a local dealership. When a customer purchases a car they get their first two oil changes for free. In return, the dealership exclusively promotes your shop.
Create a loyalty program. Build a loyalty program that rewards customers for returning to your shop. This can be as simple as tracking their visits and for every 3 oil changes they get one free.
Sponsor ‘feel-good’ causes. Consider sponsoring fundraisers like those held for children’s hospital or cancer awareness. Not only will it help those around you, but it demonstrates how committed you are to giving back to the community that supports you.

You can take advantage of technology.

Beyond just a new, innovative car lift, we mean technology that allows you to increase your car count through a holistic plan. One that includes a combination of marketing, reporting, and automation to drive sales without bogging down your schedule. In comes BayIQ.

BayIQ is a marketing software built specifically for auto repair and tire shops. It seamlessly integrates into most POS systems to make the transition easy for you and your employees. Instead of spending hours setting up text and email marketing manually, BayIQ automates it for you and keeps customers coming back with the loyalty rewards program.

If you don’t want to be like Dave and are asking yourself how to advertise your tire business, the answer is simple; BayIQ.