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How to Be the Best Auto Repair Shop 2019

how to be the best auto repair shop
Posted by BayIQ on January 17, 2019 | 0 Comments


Running an auto repair shop is hard work. Staying afloat can sometimes be a challenge, just like with any business. However, there are some relatively simple steps you can take, not only to stay alive, but to actually succeed and make a profit.

Try these four tips and make profitable improvements to your auto repair shop this year.

4 Tips for Becoming the Best Auto Repair Shop in 2019

Build Trust With Your Customers

Your customers should be at the center of every decision you make. It really comes down to one simple truth: your customers are the reason your auto repair shop will succeed or go under.

Gaining customers who return again and again to your shop (and refer friends) is truly how to be the best auto repair shop.

You can create a solid customer base like this by training your employees to provide incredible customer service.

There will always be a shop that’s cheaper or faster, and today’s digital-savvy customers can find them. But providing an awesome auto repair shop experience? That will keep customers coming back every time and create loyalty.

The key to creating true loyalty is by building trust and consistency with your customer base and providing them with a positive and memorable shop experience.

Two key ways you can build trust in your auto repair shop include:

  • Honesty. Don’t try to take advantage of your customers’ auto knowledge (or lack thereof). Be straight with them about any costs, repair needs, and more. They will appreciate your authenticity and be more inclined to trust you with future car repairs.

  • Consistency. Are you consistent with your deals and rewards? Do you make sure to stay “top-of-mind” with your customer base by sending discounts, oil change reminders, and birthday wishes? Does your shop maintain the same hours and days of service every week? Maintaining consistent service, rewards, hours, and more is a great way to build trust with customers. They’ll know exactly what to expect from you and will appreciate that.

Use Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing is essential to becoming the best auto repair shop. It’s important not only for growing your customer base, but also for maintaining a great relationship with the customers you have.

Some effective marketing strategies to add to your arsenal include:

  • Targeted promotion. Create flyers, postcards, or digital ads by addressing your customers’ needs and pain points. Do they have trouble remembering when to get their oil changed? Are they stressed about choosing an honest auto repair shop? Speak directly to them and let them know how you can help.

  • Create Local Awareness. You can optimize your website for local awareness by ensuring that your Google My Business listing is to date with your shop’s information, getting your shop onto Yelp, and by targeting local zip codes when sending print ads or digital ads.

Create a Stellar Rewards Program

Having a fantastic customer rewards program is two-fold. It’s another way to build trust with your customer base and it’s also a way to provide even better customer service. Rewards programs also help you to create loyal, repeat customers.

A great customer loyalty program should:

  • Encourage customers to work with you again

  • Improve customer satisfaction with your services

  • Add value to the transaction for both parties

Want to learn more? Here’s a post that breaks down what you need to do in order to create the ultimate customer rewards program for your auto repair shop.

Pay Attention to Your Reviews (and Encourage Them!)

Today’s customers put a lot of trust in reviews when it comes to making a purchase decision.

It’s important that your auto repair shop is well-reviewed otherwise it will be difficult to bring new people into your shop.

Send reminders to loyal customers to leave a review and make sure to stay up-to-date on the reviews you have. Bad reviews are a great way to privately address a concern with that customer and also to learn how you can run a better auto repair shop in the future.

While there are many ways to become the best, these four tips will help put your shop on the right track to success.

There are no guarantees when it comes to running your own auto repair shop. However, these tips will help you to maximize your resources and make the best decisions you possibly can for your customers and your bottom line.

Try putting them to use in the next six months. You’ll be amazed at how effective making a few simple additions to your shop can be.

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