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How to Run an Auto Repair Shop Successfully

how to run an auto repair shop
Posted by BayIQ on September 28, 2018 | 0 Comments


It’s one thing to run an auto repair shop--it’s another thing entirely to turn your shop into a neighborhood mainstay, to cultivate loyal customers, and to provide stellar customer service. In this week’s blog, we are exploring how to run an auto repair shop that goes above and beyond and stands miles apart from your competition.

3 Ways to Run an Auto Repair Shop That Outshines All the Competition

One: Deliver on Your Promises

Always aim to deliver on your customer’s vision and expectations at every step of their process with your auto repair shop. Your goal should always be to provide your shop’s customers with the best deal and the highest quality service. How do you do this in a way that is constructive and doesn’t place the burden on your clientele? It’s simple: just ask! Encourage customers to fill out surveys and give feedback on websites like Yelp, where you can gauge their satisfaction and work to cement positive relationships.

Two: Service Doesn’t Start (or End) with the Repair

With the majority of the auto purchase journey taking place online, it’s important to recognize that your digital presence matters just as much as the impression that you give customers when they walk through your doors. There are several ways that you can improve your digital presence and capture leads at the beginning of their purchase decision, including:


  1. Investing time in thoughtful and creative social media
  2. Having a clear, up-to-date website
  3. Maintaining a consistent visual brand and brand voice on all social media platforms.


When it comes to follow up, create a referral program that makes your customers feel valued. A good loyalty program will help you continue to foster relationships with your clients. It will offer them an incentive to return to you for repeat service and to refer their friends and family to your auto repair shop.

Three: Personalization Matters

Auto-related purchases can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. To combat this, you should make every effort to treat customers as individuals and personalize their customer service experience. If you know their name, make sure that you use it. If you can offer personalized recommendations based on the make and model of their car or otherwise go above and beyond to make your customers feel heard and valued, they will feel more confident in your shop and more likely to return to you for future services.


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