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Creative Ways to Increase Shop Car Count

Posted by BayIQ on February 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

If you own an auto repair shop then you know car count is everything as it pulls in the revenue that drives and grows your business. But acquiring customers isn't as straightforward as you may think. It helps to get a little imaginative. Here are creative ways to increase shop car count.

Create Friendly Competition

Let’s talk about your technicians. They directly impact your car count. The more efficient they are, the quicker they can turnover clients. That’s why if your goal is to increase the amount of cars that are coming into your shop, you should put your focus toward them. 

A great way to encourage output is to incentivize your technicians through competition. Consider offering a prize like additional days off or cash for who ever averages the best turnaround time. 

Friendly, fun competition requires buy-in from all your employees so don’t be afraid to go over the top with leaderboards, overhead daily announcements, and even a wrap up party to formally award the winner and show appreciation for the hard work everyone put in. 

Reward Your Customers  

A solid client base is crucial for the success of any business which is why you should reward those returning customers. Setting up a loyalty rewards program will help you secure long-term business with them. There are key elements to any rewards program to ensure its success: 

  • Make it part of the sale- Include, as part of the sales process, that each customer is asked about the loyalty program. This gives associates the opportunity to discuss the benefits of joining. You should also consider creating an email and text campaign around this initiative to gain awareness and drive more people to your shop. 
  • Rewards should be attainable- The point of a loyalty program is to reward your customers for choosing your shop. That’s why it’s important to make them easy to earn so they too can see the value in being a loyalty program member. For example, for every 3 oil changes a customer has, they get one free. 
  • Make it easy- If the process is too difficult, no one will take the time to sign up. Make it easy. Sign up in the store by answering a few questions or online. 

Garner Consistent Reviews  

Creative ways to increase shop car counts rely heavily on consistent reviews. In fact, studies show that up to 85% of customers don't consider reviews older than 3 months, while 40% won't even look past 2 weeks. Additionally, 67% of consumers looking for auto repair read the reviews of local shops before making a decision. 

With that say, your social media presence can play a big role in eliciting reviews as Facebook is responsible for 19% of those distributed. This also gives you, as a business, the opportunity to respond to former clients making way for a meaningful conversation around your shop. 

There are marketing software platforms that can solicit reviews for you and automate the process entirely. BayIQ, for example, reaches out to customers after service and pushes them to Facebook and Google. 

Make It a Priority 

Part of increasing your car count is making it a priority. Set goals and motivate your team through friendly competition. Reward your most loyal customers and show them you value their business. Share reviews and establish your shop as a local company that cares. 

With that said, each of these tasks takes time, effort, and focus. That’s why you should consider automating where you can. 

With a marketing software, like BayIQ, you’ll be equipped with marketing features to automate service reminders, send email blasts, online reviews, appointment scheduler, and most importantly, the loyalty rewards program.