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Key Things Your Automotive Marketing Company Should Offer

Posted by BayIQ on February 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

If you are considering working with an automotive marketing company or have been using one and want to see if you’re on the right track, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the key things you want to look for in an automotive marketing company:

Integration Systems

Part of utilizing a marketing company is to make things easier. Transitioning to new systems can be a tough undertaking. Especially when you consider the learning curve both you and your employees will likely have. That’s why working with a company who integrates into your current system is so important.  

Doing this eliminates the need to re-learn software, instead accessing new, improved systems that help to streamline your auto repair shop business.  

Focus on Customer Loyalty

A key component to the success of any business is retaining clients. In fact, loyal customers will spend up to 3x more than an average customer over their lifetime. If you don’t already have a loyalty program you should be on the way to one and an automotive marketing company should get you there. 

Companies, like BayIQ for example, offer built-in loyalty programs that include:

  • Offer rewards based on customer loyalty
  • Capture email and text permission
  • Text-to-join short code and social signups
  • Send bonuses and promotions
  • Customer portal to access transaction history and enroll family members

By prioritizing customer retention by rewarding your most loyal customers with incentives, they are more likely to continue returning to your business. 

Email and Text Capabilities

A major component of any marketing plan should include email and/or SMS text marketing as it gives you a direct line of contact to customers. Your automotive marketing company should provide you with the following features: 

  • Appointment reminders- More convenience for the customer and a great way to get them back in the door. 
  • Service reminders- Beyond appointments already set by the customer, having automated reminders sent to customers when they are due for any oil change is not only a way to connect with your customer but keep your shop top of mind during a time they need your services. 
  • Promotional offers- One of the best times to utilize email and SMS text marketing is when there is a specific promotion or sale that is time sensitive. 

Online Review Cultivation

9 out of every 10 customers consider an online review as important as a personal recommendation from a friend. And it shouldn’t just be mediocre. Research has shown that nearly 92% of users are more likely to use a local business if it has above a 4-star rating.

With that said, online reviews aren’t always easy to come by. It requires an extra ask from a customer and for them to remember to follow through. If they do leave a review, it reflects well on your business if you engage with them (i.e. thanking them or rectifying their bad experience). This is another area where your automotive marketing company can be the solution, taking the bulk of the work off of you. You should look for them to offer:  

  • Solicit reviews- Automatically send a reminder to customers after they’ve received a service. 
  • Responses to reviews- Easily access and reply to all of your reviews in one location rather than navigating through different pages and platforms. 
  • Push to Facebook and Google- Automatically direct customers to leave reviews on major sites helping you to build your reputation as well as gain new business through them.


One of the biggest challenges of being a business owner is finding enough time during the day to get all your tasks done. With marketing being a core component to the success of your auto repair shop, it’s important that it get the attention it needs. So, how do you give something the attention it needs without it monopolizing your time? Automate. 

That’s where BayIQ comes in.

BayIQ is a marketing software platform built specifically to help auto repair and tire shops save time. Through features including automated email and SMS text marketing and built-in loyalty program they can help you increase your car count and average repair order. 

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