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Loyalty Programs Examples for Your Auto Shop

loyalty programs examples
Posted by BayIQ on June 21, 2018 | 0 Comments


Designing a loyalty program that positively impacts your customer relationships, encourages them to return to you for future purchases, and adds value to their experience in your auto shop can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of work to create a program that achieves all of these goals and is profitable for your bottom line.


However, loyalty rewards are an important part of your retention plan and worth putting in the work. Here are a few examples of elements that you can incorporate into your auto shop’s loyalty program.

5 Loyalty Programs Examples That Work

Idea #1: Base Your Rewards on Business Volume

Your reward system should allow customers to earn points based on the amount of money that they spend (i.e., more money = more points).

Idea #2: Regulate Reward Usage

Some business owners fail to regulate how their loyalty programs work. This is not a good move! It is crucial to set a limit on the amount of rewards that can be applied during a single visit. Not only will this reduce your risk of losing money on discounts, but it will also encourage your customers to use their rewards, rather than allowing them to accumulate indefinitely.

Idea #3: Have Tiered Reward Levels

Prove to your most loyal customers that you value their return business by creating tiered levels with extra perks. As customers accumulate points and spend more money in your shop, they can “level up” for increased bonuses.

Idea #4: Grant Reward Points for Referrals

Referrals are crucial for an auto shop to survive and thrive! Thank your customers for referring their friends and family by giving both parties some bonus points when the referred person makes a purchase.

Idea #5: Let Your Customer Know About Their Rewards

People rarely keep track of their various loyalty rewards systems. Informing your customers when they are checking out after a purchase, or via email when they reach certain milestones, that they have reward points waiting to be used may encourage them to swing by your shop sooner rather than later!

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