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How Technology is Impacting Employee Retention and Management

employee retention
Posted by BayIQ on June 7, 2018 | 0 Comments


Online labor management software is the future. The increased use of tech in the workplace - across all industries - makes it easier to find, train, and retain talented people for your auto shop. Not sure if you need to invest in a software like BAYiQ to take your shop to the next level? Think again. Here are all the ways that technology can help improve employee retention for you.

Using Technology to Improve Employee Retention and Manage Talent at Your Auto Shop

Increased flexibility for administrative staff

While your technical team will need to be on-site to provide services for customers, any administrative staff who you might employ can benefit from the opportunity to work remotely or telecommute. Some experts suggest that remote work can help improve employee retention by creating a sense of trust and ownership over projects. When team members feel more trusted and respected in the workplace, they are likely to feel more satisfied and perform better.

Improved communication

The plethora of digital tools available for increasing employee retention can also improve communication between team members at your auto shop. Project management systems like Basecamp and internal chat apps can make it easier for your team to stay connected, even when they are not necessarily attached to a desktop throughout the work day. Better communication also helps to increase productivity and reduce stress - both factors which impact employee retention.

Strengthened leadership and feelings of ownership

Online labor management platforms can help companies cultivate employees to become leaders in the business. This is true for all industries and business sizes. For example, Google has invested in a People Analytics unit, which quantifies tactical and aspirational questions in order to best tap into the creativity of Google engineers. While this kind of investment may not be necessary for your auto shop, it does illustrate the importance of using tech to invest in satisfied employees.

Better onboarding and consistent training opportunities

Digital platforms like BAYiQ can also help you create a more comprehensive and effective onboarding experience for new employees. This allows them to contribute to your team more quickly, and begin to add value to your auto shop at a faster pace. Using labor management software to create personalized onboarding and training opportunities for your staff can help boost productivity, increase employee retention, and create a sense of cohesion among your team.

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