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Why Auto Repair Software is a Must

Why Auto Repair Software is a Must
Posted by BayIQ on January 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

Putting focus on growing your business can seem impossible when your time is bogged down by administrative tasks. Tracking inventory, outside purchases, labor and tech hours, and customer jobs can quickly become a nightmare to do properly.

There’s no need to manage everything through a spreadsheet, QuickBooks, or the worst case scenario of a shoe box when so many great point-of-sale (POS) software options are available to auto repair shops. From job tracking to inventory management, auto repair software streamlines your business in ways that will save you time and make you more profitable.

Here are a few reasons why installing automotive repair software onto your front counter and back office computers makes sense.

Streamline All Your Operations

Utilizing software to reduce errors, manage customers, and skip the complex process of developing workflows can vastly improve your auto repair shop’s functionality. With automotive repair software you can:

  • Manage service bays and repair scheduling
  • Order parts and inventory online including auto restocksProduce invoices and estimates
  • Track Tech labor and rates
  • Create online, phone, and In-person appointments
  • Automate service reminders

Optimizing your shop’s work flow frees up time allowing you to focus on things that matter like customer service, driving sales, and increasing your revenue.

Increase Revenue

Auto repair software is designed to make your shop more efficient. Efficiency can increase the quality of your work, the satisfaction of your customers, and the revenue your shop generates. Improving all of these areas will provide both the new and existing customer growth necessary for long-term success. Here are some ways that auto repair software can cut costs and drive sales in different areas:


Your great products and amazing customer service won’t help your business grow unless your customers and prospects are aware of them. Communicating your abilities to these markets are vital to company growth. That said, marketing is also one of the most rapidly changing industries out there and as such it can be difficult to stay on top of trends and new tactics. This is where automated marketing software for auto repair shops, like BayIQ, can help.

BayIQ’s industry experts can help you optimize your marketing practices through a streamlined process. With BayIQ you can:

  • Solicit and share customer reviews
  • Build customer loyalty programs
  • Send custom and national factory promotions
  • Send service reminders

Working within BayIQ to provide these marketing best practices alleviates the pressure to stay on top of emerging trends, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations.


Within accounting, many auto repair software systems use point-of-sale integrations to embed themselves into your existing shop’s financial management system. It tracks transactions and repeat customers in real-time through simple, custom reports.

This not only ensures accurate invoicing, but also supports your marketing efforts by providing vital customer information, like past purchases. Additionally, advanced tracking gives management an overview of employee’s turnaround time.


Auto repair software improves communication through detailed work orders and streamlined scheduling. This gives your employees the information they need to work more efficiently and provide the best customer service possible. You may also have the ability to view labor hours for each job which can provide valuable insight on ways to save billable time.

Best Auto Repair Software

Selecting the right auto repair software can be a difficult task as many of them have similar features and benefits. Focusing on how you want to increase revenue and where you want to save time is a great place to start. Here are three software solutions that are a good fit for most businesses.

Mitchell Enterprise / Protractor Shop Management System

Developed with shop owners using aftermarket industry best practices, Mitchell Enterprise and Protractor build and connect software solutions to facilitate process while maintaining focus on simple efficiency and automation. Schedule, educate, inspect, estimate, remind and monitor all aspects of your automotive shop operation from one, easy-to-use cloud based solution.

TireShop by FreedomSoft

Choosing the right point-of-sale software for your company is a big, and oftentimes, difficult decision. You want the latest technology but not at the expense of simplicity & speed. TireShop is an easy to learn and use platform that is designed specifically for tire, repair, and quick-lube shops. It works in single or multi-store retail, wholesale, oil change centers, and internet sales. Here are a few reasons we ask you to consider TireShop.


Tire Guru Software has consolidated all the tools you need to prosper in today's economic times into one complete business management solution. TireGuru offers some unique features like a mobile-device ready point of sale, inventory management, benchmarking reporting, parts and labor guides, accounts receivable and payable, DOT number registrations, general ledger and more.

Auto Repair Software for Your Marketing Needs

When it comes to your marketing efforts, offload your marketing needs to an auto repair software like BayIQ.

BayIQ is a completely automated system designed to save time and increase revenue. Their suite of tools makes it easier than ever to create a cohesive marketing strategy that integrates effortlessly with your existing systems. Made by and for automotive professionals, BayIQ helps you build customer loyalty, centralize marketing efforts and increase car count and spend per visit.

Are you ready to drive more sales and increase your revenue?


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