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Boost Customer Loyalty and Project Trustworthiness

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Posted by BayIQ on November 16, 2017 | 0 Comments


Here’s the thing: if customers don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you.


When a customer’s car needs attention, they want to go somewhere they already have an established relationship with someone they can trust. Unfortunately, the auto industry isn’t always viewed as the most trustworthy. Here are sometroubling statistics from a survey performed by Repair Trust:

  • 70% of car repair customers are worried that they’re being overcharged
  • 40% are certain they were overcharged
  • 78% suspect that they’re paying way too much for car repair


Use every single opportunity you can to build trust with your customers. Start the trust-building process early and through every channel you use to communicate with them. Here’ some guidelines for building trust to increase customer loyalty.  

Improve Customer Loyalty By Showing You’re Trustworthy

Be Transparent

Honesty is always is the best policy. Customers are smarter than you may think and always know if you’re not being upfront and honest with them. Don’t play games and never try to cover up your mistakes. Address the issue immediately and let them know how you will handle it and prevent the errors from happening again. Be completely clear and transparent and let customers know your motives right away—that you always will have their best interest in mind.

Pay Attention!

Guess what? If you’re talking to someone and not looking them in the eye and paying attention, you come off as untrustworthy. Pay attention to what you do with your face the next time you talk to a customer:

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Show some empathy and try to relate to each customer by finding common interests, dislikes and experiences. When you can express that you understand your customer’s experience and really take the time to grasp his or her perspective, it will help build trust.

Deliver on What You Promise

It’s simple: do what you say you’re going to do. Follow through. If you promise something to a customer, make sure you deliver what you promised! Earning a customer’s trust and loyalty starts with providing great service. Going back to the tip above, how do you expect and want to be treated if you were in their shoes? Always make a point to deliver the best service possible, communicate, be timely and exceed expectations.

Customers want to do business with companies and people they can trust. Trust isn’t a one-and-done scenario but takes time to be earned. Always work to go above and beyond to earn trust and ultimately customer loyalty. It will pay off big time. 

Customer Loyalty is Priceless

The math is simple: loyal customers who purchase from your business consistently & repeatedly are more profitable than those who buy once. BAYiQ can help you turn your customers into loyal customers.

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