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How BAYiQ Can Deliver Results with Personalized Postcards

Posted by BayIQ on December 14, 2017 | 0 Comments


BAYiQ is proud to offer a proven method that maximizes your marketing and advertising dollars to deliver results! Getting email addresses for your customers can be a challenging task. Most shops only have valid email addresses for a fraction of their customer database. While email marketing is a key piece to a successful strategy, there are alternatives that can supplement this and drive incredible results.

BAYiQ Postcards

Postcards, along with our email and texting, allow you to reach 100% of your customers with important messages that drive them back into your service bays. Direct mail postcards still have a place in your overall marketing plan because they can reach everyone, and now they’re affordable too! And direct mail still gets the best response:

Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% (compared to .6% email, .6% paid search, .2 online display, .4% social media). This is the highest response rate the DMA has ever reported, since coming out with the Response Rate Report in 2003. (Source)

If you’ve never tried direct mail, or even if you already use it, BAYiQ’s postcards will help you take it to the next level. They’re specifically designed to work to drive repeat sales for auto repair shops.

What to Expect with Our Postcards

Our postcards are 6” x 9” with a glossy finish to catch the attention of your customers. They are customizable and branded with your shop’s logo and information. Upon activating your account with us, we’ll help you select the cards, messages and offers to make the postcards work best for your business. From there, the BAYiQ platform will automatically determine who should receive a postcard, and produce it at just the right time for each of your customers.

Great Pricing! We are offering our postcards for only $0.75 each including postage for a limited time.

Click on the options below to view the different postcard styles and be sure to contact us if you would like to place an order. 










BAYiQ can help you create the right message and special offer with our personalized postcards that are sure to stand out in the mailbox. Our direct mail postcards will add the perfect element to your marketing mix and will not only increase your customer’s response rates, they’ll help generate a pretty impressive ROI. Check out all of our options here and give us a shout if you’re ready to place an order!

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