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Increase Customer Satisfaction by Avoiding These 3 Things

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Posted by BayIQ on January 4, 2018 | 0 Comments


Are you seeing lower-than-desired customer satisfaction levels? Or maybe you’re seeking new ways to set yourself apart from the competition by enhancing customer satisfaction?


Before considering implementing tons of new strategies and processes for your team, evaluate existing interactions to see if you could be guilty of these all-too common annoyances.


Take a look at the list below and ask yourself, “Am I guilty of making any of these mistakes that are annoying my customers?” You may be ticking off your customers without even realizing it.


Here’s what to look for, and how to avoid annoying them in the future.

Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Shop by Being Less Annoying

Annoyance #1: Talking AT the Customer

Are you talking more than you listen? If you’re just spouting off your rehearsed and robotic spiel, get ready for some eye rolls and maybe even a complaint.

Tips to Resolve: Let the customer speak. Take a breather and listen to them. Let them express their thoughts and if they come to you with an issue or concern, don’t downplay it. Make them feel heard and understood. Avoid phrases that sound canned or taking forever to get to a solution.

Annoyance #2: Using Too Much Jargon

Using terms and phrases that your customers won’t know can be a surefire way to annoy them. Using words your customers aren’t familiar with can be difficult to comprehend, misleading, confusing or come across as condescending.

Tips to Resolve: Always watch your wording. Even if you have the best intentions, what you say can be misconstrued as insulting or offensive. Unless you’re absolutely sure your customer understands the jargon you’re using, stick to the basics. Speak simply and clearly.

Annoyance #3: Not Including Them in the Process

Sometimes you can get into a routine and forget that you’re leaving the customer out in the cold. Customers don’t like to be in the dark and prefer to know what’s going on. If they’re not in the loop, it can cause distrust and frustration.


Tips to Resolve: Involve your customers from the get-go. Explain what is happening with their vehicle every step of the way and be honest and disclose all information. Even if a hiccup arises, it’s more important to let them know than to try and hide it or cover it up.

Want to Increase Satisfaction? Don't be annoying. Just the fact that you took time out of your crazy schedule to read this blog post means that you care about your customers. You understand that the success of your auto shop relies on customer satisfaction. It’s easy to annoy or anger your customers without knowing it. What it boils down to is treating your customers as you’d want to be treated. Avoid making these mistakes and your customers will appreciate it.


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