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Used Tire Marketing Tactics That Drive Sales

Posted by BayIQ on April 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

Millions of used tires are sold to consumers in the U.S. each year. And while there is plenty of business, there’s an equal amount of competition. By implementing these strategies aimed at used tire marketing your shop can become a household name and, most importantly, drive sales.

Educate your Customers

One of the main pain points of selling new or used tires is safety and unfamiliarity. That’s what makes educating potential customers about your products so important. Marketing tools make a perfect vessel to deliver informational content about used tires and market your business at the same time. Consider reaching potential customers by utilizing email, SMS texting, direct mailers, and even videos on social channels to cover important topics such as:

  • Tire wear and tear- Make sure to teach the facts and debunk the myths about tire health and maintenance, so that your customers are making informed decisions.
  • The ins and outs of purchasing a tire- Buying tires can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time buyers. By preparing them before they come to your shop can ease their stress and help gain their trust.

How to’s- Guide shoppers with educational videos on topics like changing a flat tire, tire maintenance, and when to know it’s time to replace your tires.

Utilize Social Media 

54% of social browsers research products. That’s why the following social media best practices should be a priority in order to effectively brand your tire shop.

  • Consistently post- Think of social media as a tool to keep your customers up-to-date regarding new products and events. While every platform can be effective at reaching your audience, it’s important to schedule posting based on when you’d get maximum exposure.
  • Diversify your content- Not every post should be the same. Keep your audience engaged by alternating types of posts. For example, post a how-to video and then an sale announcement followed by an internal team photo.

Create videos- Research shows that 54% of consumers look for branded video content from businesses. Use it both to educate potential buyers and show off your services. This can be utilized on Instagram stories, Facebook, and YouTube.

Encourage Reviews

97% of consumers research a business before making a purchase and 93% of those people said that the reviews influenced their purchase decision. That’s why it’s crucial for your business to not only solicit reviews but make sure you’re providing exceptional customer service to yield a 4+ star rating. In fact, according to recent research, a 3.3 rating is the lowest rating a customer would engage with. 

Soliciting reviews is easier said than done and often requires a strategy to ensure you’re getting consistent ratings. Marketing software, like BayIQ, automatically solicits reviews from customers after service and pushes them Google and Facebook. With the hard work of getting the review complete you can focus your efforts on responding to each one as 89% of consumer read the responses business have to their reviews. 

Create Seasonal Sales

One thing is certain about tire sales, there is a time of year (especially in snowy climates) where they are an absolute priority— and that’s as winter approaches. You can leverage that by creating promotions surrounding the seasons. Here are a few ideas to implement:

  • Buy three get one a dollar
  • Tire clearance deals
  • 2 free oil changes with the purchase of four tires

Take a Holistic Approach

Effective used tire marketing means focusing on more than one area of your business. Instead, combining social media, reviews, promotions, and creating educational content for a holistic approach. However, for a busy business owner, it can be demanding. So, automate.

Marketing platforms, like BayIQ, were designed specifically to assist tire shops like yours. Their features include: 

  • Email and text marketing to reach your audience about seasonal promotions, and keeping your business top of mind
  • Online review soliciting after every service so that your shop can effortlessly maintain a great online reputation
  • An automated rewards program in order to boost retention rates and gain customers’ trust and loyalty
  • A full point-of-sale integration that also provides reports and dashboards so you can review benchmarks and ensure your business is on target. 

Be the tire shop people remember and rely on and get there easier with BayIQ. 


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