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One Surprising Way to Improve Customer Retention

customer retention
Posted by BayIQ on January 25, 2019 | 1 Comment


It's tempting to think our customers are just that - ours and ours only.  In reality, most repair and tire locations only see about 50% of their customers more than once per year.  Your customers aren't changing their oil only once a year, so why aren't you seeing them more often? How come they aren't choosing your auto repair shop every time?

3 Reasons Why Your Customers Might Not Always Choose You

Some customers leave because they moved or purchased a car with a warranty.  However, a majority of inconsistent customers don't have that sense of loyalty or awareness to bring them back to your shop each and every time. And so, they choose other shops for a variety of reasons.


Some of the key reasons are:


If your shop's rates are not competitive, this could be the reason why your auto repair customers aren't always returning to you. However, if your costs are the same as another shop a few miles away, why would your customers not return? If cost is equal, what's the incentive to go to the same shop every time? 


Customers have so many options when it comes to goods and services these days. And researching those options is as easy as tapping a few times on their smartphone. So, it begs the question, why do YOU stand out? Why should customers come to your shop and not any of their other options?

Lack of Communication

How often does a customer hear from you, and when they do, is it helpful? Because consumers are bombarded with all kinds of discounts, deals, and ads each and every day, it's important to stay in front of them - but in a helpful manner. By this we mean sending them reminders about tire rotations and oil changes.


Customers who feel like you actually care about their auto needs are more likely to keep coming to your shop.


While these reasons why keep some customers from coming back consistently, there's a very simple tactic your shop could take that would really set you apart. Here's one surprisingly simple way to get your customers to choose your shop every single time.

How to Get Customers to Choose YOUR Shop, Every Time

What can you do to develop customer loyalty and cut through all the distractions? It's simple: reward your customers for returning.


This marketing tactic is incredibly effective, especially in such a competitive industry.


If every visit to your shop rewards them with a future discount on a service, why would they go anywhere else?  Finding new customers is expensive and time-consuming - but keeping your customers loyal can be a pretty simple process if you have the right rewards program in place.


BAYiQ offers an automated platform that keeps your customers loyal by rewarding their choice to shop with you and communicating the benefits you offer.  Best of all, it's a platform that runs with very little involvement from you or your employees, allowing you to focus on operating the business. 


It's a busy, hectic, nonstop world we're all living in and sometimes choosing the right tire or auto repair shop can feel overwhelming for your customers. Help make the decision easy. Reward your customers and keep them coming back year after year.


Interested in learning more about BAYiQ's automated rewards program? Click to schedule a demo today to learn more about the incredible benefits and features tire dealers and auto repair shops are getting with BAYiQ.

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