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Why You Need an Appointment Scheduler for Your Auto Shop

Posted by BayIQ on November 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

With software, auto shops can automate many daily tasks–SMS marketing, reputation management, and even loyalty programs. One of the most useful auto shop software tools, however, is an appointment scheduler. 

By automating the process of booking appointments, you can simultaneously increase client acquisition while mitigating the headaches of manually tracking schedules. Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons why your auto shop needs an appointment scheduler. 

Added Convenience

For many people, scheduling an appointment online is preferred. In fact, 94% of consumers will try a new business if it offers online scheduling as an option. One of the reasons is that booking online provides greater flexibility as many businesses limit phone calls for traditional working hours. 

Just as important, when implementing an appointment scheduler, clients should receive a confirmation email or text message, allowing them to keep better track of their appointment and make changes as needed. This also provides another touchpoint with customers where you can work to increase retention. 

Increases Productivity

By offloading mundane duties, like scheduling appointments, you can free up your employees’ time. Paperwork is a major pain point for many business owners with 39% saying it’s the biggest waste of time. 

Minimize Errors 

When scheduling appointments in the traditional manner of pen and paper, there is ample opportunity for error. A team member may mishear a client’s desired date. An appointment may get lost in the transfer from notepad to the scheduling board, or––just as harmful to your business––your team might unintentionally double book a time slot. 

With a digital appointment scheduler, you’ll have a universal source of truth for your appointments, one that is accessible to both your team and the client. Having all of your appointments logged into one place, a place that is visible on multiple computers and tablets, you can drastically cut down on the number of scheduling mistakes.

Additionally, with appointment scheduling software, clients can receive reminder emails and text messages, ensuring they don’t forget to bring their vehicles in for service. If a client needs to reschedule their appointment, they can easily do so from the scheduling software, and your team will be automatically updated on the change. 

Grow Business

Through a combination of round-the-clock access to booking and the simplicity of booking from anywhere, you’ll likely see growth for your business. 

Recent studies show that 35% of consumers prefer to book appointments outside of business hours and 40% book appointments during non-traditional business hours. That’s a huge chunk of business! By meeting customers on their timelines, your chances of earning their business exponentially increase. 

Create a Holistic Solution

Implementing appointment scheduling for your shop is a no-brainer. It saves time, boosts business, and creates a better experience for customers. But it’s just one component of your business. When searching for scheduling software, consider options that offer holistic solutions. 

Look no further than BayIQ.

BayIQ was built for auto shops by industry vets. Not only do they automate appointment scheduling but they also streamline marketing must-haves like soliciting and posting online reviews, SMS text and email marketing, integrating a pre-built loyalty program, and more. Auto shops can even track the overall performance of their business. 

With BayIQ spend less time on the phone and more time connecting with increased clients coming through your doors. 

Request a demo today to learn more!

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