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8 Time Management Tips for Your Auto Shop’s Success


Think about it: how much of your typical work week do you spend stressed out about not having enough time?  There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Poof.

We talk to auto repair and tire shop owners all the time...

Your Secret to Boosting Customer Acquisition

You can’t rely on only your current customer base to support your auto shop forever.  Repeat after me: customer acquisition.  

There’s nothing better than a new customer, right?  But customer acquisition doesn’t just happen.

How to Save Money with BAYiQ


Your day to day is full to the brim.  From continuously monitoring the financial health of your shop, dealing with management issues, customer service, and keeping and growing a responsible, reliable team (not to mention getting new customers...

Reward Program Results Impact Your Auto Shop’s Bottom Line

You’re continuously monitoring the health of your auto shop—and all roads ultimately lead to how you can make a significant and positive impact on your bottom line.  A solid loyalty and rewards program will do just that.

Feature Release: Don't Let Your Good News Go Nowhere


The automotive industry is brutal. You know that, we know that. When it comes to running your business you have a thousand and one things to juggle: Point of Sales systems, inventory, employees, customer satisfaction, rewards and customer...

BAYiQ Announces Strategic Partnership with ASA


Partnership to provide integrated Loyalty Program Services with TireMaster Software

Mesa, AZ (November 25th, 2016) – BAYiQ Inc., an Intelligent Rewards and Marking Platform, and ASA Automotive Systems Inc., the industry leader in software for...

BAYiQ and FreedomSoft Announce Full Integration for TireShop

BAYiQ Announces Partnership with FreedomSoft
Partnership to provide integrated Loyalty Program Services with TireShop Software
Mesa, AZ November 23rd, 2016 – BAYiQ, an Intelligent Customer Retention & Marketing Platform and...

BAYiQ Introduces Customer Referrals


What's better than telling people how great you are? Your customers telling others for you! 

BAYiQ is excited to bring a new feature to our users. A referral program that is easy to set up and completely automated.

Mark Hockridge Joins BAYiQ as CEO


MESA, Arizona – October, 2016 –BAYiQ, Inc. a cloud based and fully automated customer rewards, marketing, and analytics platform for the tire and auto service industry, today announced that Mark Hockridge has joined BAYiQ as Chief Executive...

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